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Fostering Collaboration for the greater good.

Patliputra sahodaya School Complex ( PSSC) is a group of 250+ schools from and around Patna, Bihar. The umbrella organization works to promote and strengthen the voice of various member schools and their just representation on a wide range of issues related to education quality , teacher training among others joint collaboration initiatives.   

Establishment of Patliputra Sahodaya School Complex

Patliputra Sahodaya School Complex was formed with blessings of then CBSE Chairman Hon’ble Shri Ashok Ganguly.
Sri Ashok Ganguly along with Fr. Norbert Menezes , Mr Glen Joseph Galstaun, Dr Rajiv Ranjan Sinha and Mr. pritam Singh, the then CBSE Regional Officer, Allahabad Region met and discussed the need for a sahodaya group of nearby schools.
An urgent meeting of various nearby schools was called for and subsequently Patliputra Sahodaya was formed on 14th of July 2000.