Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Decoding NEP 2020

DPS (East) , 25th November,2023

In a dynamic and forward-thinking initiative, the prestigious DPS (East) recently played host to an illuminating session on the intricacies of the National Education Policy (NEP), orchestrated by the esteemed collaboration of Patliputra Sahodaya and renowned educator, Dr. Marie Dcruze, the Vice Principal of St. Michael’s. With the insightful guidance of Ms Insha Rahman, the Secretary of Patliputra Sahodya and a distinguished CBSE Master Trainer, the session unfolded as a guiding light of knowledge and empowerment for educators, administrators, and stakeholders alike.

The session transcended the boundaries of conventional discourse, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourished, and aspirations soared. Attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose and a heightened commitment to embrace change as catalysts for progress, equipped with a newfound arsenal of insights and strategies to steer their institutions towards excellence in alignment with the NEP vision.